(01/05/19) 24-year-old Deeantonio Devonta was arrested after being wanted for several outstanding charges to include domestic abuse to a pregnant victim, theft and possession of illegal things. The unusual part about it all, is that he was found in a dryer. 

Devonta was arrested after a caller told police he was hiding in a dryer. Once police got Devonta out of the dryer 10 Xanax pills were recovered from his hoodie. 

When police tried to place Devonta into the police car he resisted and attempted to run away.

Two juveniles, both under the age of three, were in the home at the time of Devonta’s arrest.

He is facing several charges to include: possession with the intent to distribute, resisting an officer and CDS in presence of a minor.

Devonta is being held on $62,000 bond.