Former Civic Center Director files appeal, alleges ‘wrongful termination’

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Monroe’s former director of the Civic Center is fighting for his job back.

The video you see there is Charles Thomas’  attorney  handing a letter of appeal to Community Affairs Director Robert Johnson 

Thomas claims he was fired wrongfully last Thursday. He has been on paid administrative leave since February.

His attorney  claims the firing amounts to  workplace harassment, political retaliation and an unfair hearing process. 

In a release, it states “the administration retaliated against Mr. Thomas regarding a Roosevelt Wright dispute.” 

The alleged dispute involves Mr. Thomas working to resolve an incident with Wright. According to the release, Thomas was penalized for working with Wright due to his political differences with Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo. 

The release also says Johnson “intentionally manipulated the job duties of the employees to create an environment of failure.” 

Attorney Louis G. Scott says Thomas wants his job back, any missed pay and the firing erased from his record. 

“Mr. Thomas plans to pursue this in a very vigorous manner and intends to get justice before this is over. We are going to go through the process and at each stage of the process we are going to do what is necessary in order to prove our case and make our case at that stage,” said Scott. 

Mayor Jamie Mayo was also given a letter of appeal.  
The mayor’s spokesperson says City Hall doesn’t comment on personnel matters. 

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