It has only been a week since we started our food drive for homeless veterans, and thanks to you the donation boxes around town are overflowing.

The United Way of Northeast Louisiana, The Wellspring, and NBC 10 are partnering for the food drive.

Today our morning crew headed to the Mac’s Fresh Markets in Monroe and West Monroe to pick up the food donated so far.

Managers say the response has been overwhelming.

“We have pre-made bags for the veterans to make it easy. They can get a bag,” says Ms. Marleen who is a manager for Mac’s. “Its really easy for them so they dont have to cook and that has made it easy for our customers to be able to help in spite of their busy schedules.”

Casey Savana says, “I think it’s fantastic. I think anytime we can get the community involved in helping the veterans it’s a great thing. A lot of them have fallen on hard times and a lot of things haven’t been going there way for a long time. To have help from the community is outstanding.”

“I challenge everybody. All of our customers, all of our community and stores just to think about it. Just to think about what you can do for a veteran and that’s all that we ask. Just to come by and to give them your thoughts and your prayers. That’s all you can possibly ask so.” says Larry Carpenter who is also a manager for Mac’s.

The food drive is still ongoing and if you want to donate you can drop off any non-perishable food items at any Mac’s Fresh Market in Monroe or West Monroe, the  Jackson Street Church of Christ, Lea Joyner Methodist, McGuire United Methodist, The United Way of Northeast Louisiana, and at the NBC 10/FOX 14 studios through June 13th.