It’s the season that falls from October to February that comes with a cough and a fever. Flu season is back.

Professionals urge everyone to get a flu shot and take every precaution necessary.

“Every year the vaccinations are somewhat different because the flu is unpredictable. We know it will be here every year, but we never know the severity, we don’t know the length of how long it’s gonna last,” said Mary Kathryn Edwards, Nurse Practitioner for St. Francis Medical Group.

Many people avoid getting the shot because they believe the shot is the reason they get the flu.

“The flu shot will not give you the flu. It takes about two weeks for your body to build up the antibodies, so if you were exposed to it within that time frame, there is a chance that you could get the flu, but you will not get it from the flu shot,” said Edwards.

Those who do not get vaccinated have a higher risk of hospitalization for a severe case.

Although the peak flu season doesn’t hit for another few months, it’s important to send your kids to school with Lysol and hand sanitizer and remind them to use it regularly.

Using hand sanitizer and cleaning desk tops is a quick and easy way, kids can stay healthy during school this season.

“Do not send your kids to school if they have any fever. If they have a 101 or over, please keep your children at home,” said Tomi Brasell, LPN at Pediatric Associates.

Teachers should regularly Lysol the classroom each week to set another precaution for students in the class.