First annual pro-life march kicks off in the Twin Cities

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(1/27/19)–    It was a beautiful day for a march.

With hand made signs and “life” hearts waving through the air, nearly three thousand people walked through the Twin Cities to spread awareness about the pro-life movement.

 It’s a movement close to hearts of many attendees, especially Rebecca Minter.

“I actually got pregnant when I was 18 years old, I wasn’t married,” she said as she embraced her son. 

“But I had a choice to make and so everyone has a choice and it’s important to make choices that are not just about yourself, but about other people, and so now I have another son and have another one on the way,” 

Minter was surrounded by her loving family along with many others who share her passion that life is the ultimate choice.

For many participating in the first ever pro-life march in northeastern Louisiana, the message is critical.

Cecelia Quirkminsky says it’s all about her faith.

“The march is important to me because it’s important to God,”

Many local leaders also attended the event and spoke at Anna Grey Noe park in Monroe where the march ended. They say the message is clear.

“It’s important to me for a number of reasons, because my district is pro-Christian, which means we’re pro-life. The bible said that God hates the shedding of innocent blood , and I told them anything that God hates, I want to stand against,” said Katrina Jackson, State Representative of District 16.

After a day packed with passion and a powerful message, attendee Rebecca Minter wants people to remember one thing.

“Life is always the best choice.”

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