Ferriday officials in a tug of war after police chief is suspended again

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People in the town of Ferriday are looking for direction, but with the town’s leaders at odds, they might have to wait a while.

This after Mayor Sherrie Jacobs suspended Police Chief Arthur Lewis for the third time in four months. 

“Right now we’re electing people that have their own personal agendas it seems like,” Alderman Glenn Henderson said.
“No one has a vision of how we’re going to take our community moving forward as you can see right now we’re struggling.”
Meanwhile the people of Ferriday say moving forward won’t happen until the ones chosen to lead can put their differences aside.
Jessica Hawkins says it sets a bad example.
“What about your youth?” she said.
“Who can they depend on who can they seek for counseling who can they seek for protection it’s very alarming and something needs to be done about it very quickly.”
Henderson says they’ve talked with the mayor before but both sides have to be willing to listen if anything is going to get done
“She has our support but the mayor has to be open-minded and willing to work with the board also,” Henderson said.
A week after Chief Lewis was suspended the board appointed a new alderman. 
Johnnie Woodruff,  a former Ferriday police officer, was fired by Jacobs in August but hired to serve as the town’s replacement to the late Johnnie Brown.
The hiring of Woodruff could symbolize more divide or the will to start communication and compromise between the community leaders.
He made it clear that he has no ill feelings towards  Jacobs, but he wants both sides to get passed their differences.
“We [have to] come together and it’s not about us it’s not about the aldermen it’s not about the mayor we’re talking  about the community.”
The future of a town could be decided at the next sit-down between the mayor and the board.

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