A campaign nearly two years in the making in Monroe is one step closer to enforcement.

Tuesday night, Monroe City Council members made the final decision to set fees for the city’s environmental court.

The ordinance was unanimously passed – with amendments.

About a month ago, council members passed Mayor Jamie Mayo’s ‘Fight the Blight’ ordinance; that ordinance would send agents into the community to monitor blight and site violators.

Tuesday night’s adopted ordinance sets fees for those cited.

Councilman Kenneth Wilson says suggestions came straight from the community.

“The citizens, I heard from them-they thought it was a little high and asked if we could reduce it. They actually asked for $75 dollars… We want to have a safeguard in place for the elderly and for the lower income for the citizens of the city of Monroe.”

Amendments include reducing all fines by $50.00 and allowing senior citizens an extra 30 days to comply.