Thick smoke and flashing lights. 

The Vape Escape is a new West Monroe hot spot for vapers. Shelby Towell, 21, started smoking cigarettes as a teen, now she’s a faithful vaper. 

“I just personally fell in love with the different smoke and options; with cigarettes you have a handful of brands and that’s it with vaping it’s unlimited,” said Towell. 

However those options could disappear. 
On Wednesday, the Food & Drug Administration said the candy colored packaging and sleek designs are drawing in a disturbing amount of teens. 
According to the FDA, two million middle and highs chool students used e-cigarettes last year. 
Now they are considering banning flavors and asking companies to change their advertising. 

“If they stopped having the flavors like the Starbust, the Melon Twist and they just had the tobacco i wouldn’t’ do it,” said 19-year-old Hunter Millwood. 

Mango, cool cucumber, and fruit medley are among the three JUUL flavors the FDA is targeting.

“Not only was JUUL accused of advertising to underage kids, but also these stores are just not checking IDs,” said Vape Escape employee Aaron Guidry. 

A problem The Vape Escape doesn’t have, but Guidry said that isn’t stopping teens around town. 

“A lot of people don’t know what they are so people can trick them into buying them for them because they look so inconspicuous like USBs,” said Guidry. 

Towell said when comes to vaping, there is power in the flavor. 

“I do not know a person who vapes that the flavor is not important to. Honestly if they just got done away with the flavors I honestly think it would hurt the vape community,” said Towell. 

The FDA is giving JUUL and other vape manufacturers 60 days to create a plan on how they will change their marketing strategies and keep e-cigarettes away from minors.