FBI billboards across U.S. ask public for help to identify those involved in Capitol riots

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WEST MONROE, La (KTVE/KARD) — It’s been two weeks since the riots at the Capitol and the FBI is now looking to the public for help to find those associated with the January 6th insurrection. They released billboards in most states that say, report tips, and you may have seen ours in North Louisiana.

The billboard in West Monroe is near Cypress Street. It has the phone number and the website that you can call or send in a tip online as the FBI continues to ask the public for help to find everyone involved in the riots on Capitol Hill.

“I want people to be fully aware, we’re not concerned about people worried about exercising their first amendment right, that’s all well and good. We’re looking for criminal violators,” said Donald Wood, Supervisory Special Agent Federal Bureau of Investigation.

According to data obtained by NBC News the FBI has a total of 124 arrests, 97 charges filed in Federal Court and 330 open FBI cases, in connection to the riots. They also recieved 195,000 digital photos and videos that were sent in as tips.

“FBI.Gov/USCAPITOL. You can input your information there including downloading photos that you have that you think are relevant to our investigation,’ said Wood.

A cyber security expert says one benefit to identifying those involved is social media.

“They posted these images and videos to social media on their own personal social media accounts and even the ones who didn’t do that, they streamed the videos,” Mitch Tannenbaum, Cyber Security Expert.

If you have a tip for the FBI about the capitol riots you can call 1-800-call FBI or go to their website FBI.Gov/USCAPITOL.

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