Father awaiting justice after daughter brutally murdered in West Monroe three years ago

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It’s been three years since Darrell Allred buried his daughter Selsey. 
Holding on to precious memories like this card keeps him going — until the pain resurfaces. 

“It was like time stood still and i was just lost. I was like this cannot be. I kept saying no no it can’t be,” said Allred. 

Police said his daughter was found dead inside her West Monroe home on Jan. 4 of 2016. 
Her child’s father Devonte Jackson was arrested and charged with second degree murder, cruelty to a juvenile and possesion of marijuana. 

“Between here and here on the right side of her face. He stabbed her 13 times on the right side of her face,” said Allred. 

A horrific crime he said his 2-year-old granddaughter had to witness as she went hungry inside their home. 

“She found chocolate and she had chocolate and blood on her hands and her mother had chocolate and blood on her face. I believe she was trying to open her mama’s eyes and it hurts me so bad,” said Allred. 

He now receives treatment for PTSD, and since the family could not afford a burial he’s being sued by the funeral home for the cost. 

Working to keep his spirits high he does crafting to keep his mind off the pain as he awaits justice for his sweet Sesley. 

“What hurts the most is learning to live without her because its hard,” said Allred. 

District Attorney Steve Tew told NBC10/FOX14 that Jackson tried to plead insanity which tied up the court for two years. Doctors found he was not insane under law. A trial date has been set for July 22, 2019. 

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