FARM BILL 2018: Crop insurance, faster internet for rural communities, and no more S.N.A.P. bonuses

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(12/18/18) We’ve heard a lot about crop insurance, price supports, and bringing faster internet to places outside of the big cities.

What else are we getting for our new $867 Billion, 5 year farm bill?

The federal government will no longer pay bonuses to states that participate in the S.N.A.P. program correctly.

Republicans say states have exaggerated their performance and that the government paid out $48 Million in bonuses last year.

Growers and livestock producers can use federal money to drum up business in Cuba, which imports 80% of its food.

Congress has re-authorized Armed to Farm, which pays to teach veterans technical skills for farm work when they become civilians.

Lawmakers also approved crop insurance for rice, which includes research money for new ways to irrigate rice fields.

Senator Tom Cotton, R-Arkansas, voted against the farm bill after it scrapped new work requirements to get and keep food stamps.

Senior Arkansas Senator John Boozman praised it as bringing certainty and predictability.

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