Controversy still hangs over the head of a teacher that got into a fight with a student.

The decision handed down, but some questioning was it the right one?

“The plea is a good plea i think it’s a fair plea and I think it accomplishes justice,” Ouachita Parish District Attorney, Steve Tew, said.

Matt Jones, the grandfather of the student, was angry when he first heard his grandson had been beaten up by a teacher.

“I can handle myself don’t put your hands on my kids or any of the rest of my family,” Jones said.

Jack David Goode was arrested back in April for a fight with a Sterlington High School student. The consequence; a $300 fine probation and exile from the Sterlington School District.

“He agreed and we allowed him to enter a guilty plea a no contest plea which is the same as a guilty plea to simple battery,” 

The family of the, now 17-year-old victim, doesn’t believe the punishment fits the crime.

“I wasn’t very satisfied with the way things were handled,” the student’s grandfather, Matt Jones, said.

“I don’t think we can make it a part of a misdemeanor plea that he could never teach again ok that’s up to the school board or some future school,” Tew said.

“If this happens again what’s going to be the repercussions of  the people that allowed this individual to stay as an educator?,” Jones asked.

Meanwhile the family says the one forgotten about is the victim, Chandler Jones, heading into his senior year of high school.

“He’s wondering if there’s going to be any animosity or anything held against him because of this,” Jones said.

The Jones family says it’s possible that they may take this case back to court in the near future.

“Our doors are always open for them to come talk to us,” Tew said. 

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