Family shares survival story after their home is rolled by the storm

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(11/1/2018) William and Allyson Gable will remember their anniversary this year, and not just because they love each other. This year, it’s because it is also the same day they survived a strong storm that tossed and destroyed their Jonesville home.

“We had an idea it was gonna be bad, but we didn’t know how bad it was gonna get.” says William. “Went to bed, woke up about 1:30 and I got up and realized the power was off, but it still sounded like there was an air conditioner going. I realized it wasn’t the air conditioner. I felt a sudden change in pressure, a strong sound of rain, and at that point I just jumped on my wife, and she had the two kids with her in bed, and then from there the trailer was lifted and we just rolled.”

The couples children joined them in bed, which they normally do every night. However, they came to their parents bed much earlier than normal.

“They normally come about two o’clock and they ended up in there about midnight so they had been there pretty much right before everything had happened. And, yeah, It was scary. It was very scary.” says Allyson.

Both are thankful to have survived the storm.
“Don’t take everything in your house for granted. Be thankful you got out alive because it could have been a lot worse than what it was.” says William.

Update: Our Reid Lybarger is sending pictures of the damage. Below is the trailer that was overturned. He spoke with people who were inside.

(11/1/2018) According to the Northeast Louisiana Ambulance Service, four people including minors were hurt when a possible tornado hit two mobile homes in Concordia Parish. First responders say their injuries were not serious.

Meteorologist Reid Lybarger is in Concordia Parish, and he will have a full report tonight at 5p, 5:30p, and 6p on NBC 10 and FOX 14. Due to poor cell service, Reid has not been able to send us pictures of the damage at this time.

Below is the full press release from the Northeast Louisiana Ambulance Service :

At around 1:45 a.m., Northeast Louisiana Ambulance Service (NELA), along with the Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office, Catahoula Parish Sheriff’s Office, Concordia Parish Fire Protection District 2 and other emergency personnel responded to a residence in northwestern Concordia Parish reporting injuries and extensive structure damage. Upon our arrival, we discovered significant damage to two single-wide mobile home units. One unit was no longer secured to the ground following the storm. The second unit, occupied, was flipped. We transported four patients, including minors, to an area hospital for treatment. Fortunately, their injuries were minor and not life-threatening. The National Weather Service in Jackson issued a Tornado Warning for this area and it was active at the time of the incident. NELA did not receive any other storm-related calls from our service area, which includes all of Richland, Franklin, Catahoula, Madison and Tensas Parishes.  

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