Family searches for answers after loved one found unresponsive behind bars

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2018 August 30

Brittney Franklin says nothing can compare to the feeling of losing a loved one.

“It’s devastating,” she said.

It’s especially hard when you lose them unexpectedly and are left to solve the mystery.

“We can’t even grieve properly because we don’t know all the events surrounding his death.”

For a little over a year, her first cousin, 34-year-old Edward Morris, was behind bars in one of Arkansas’ high-security prisons in Gould, Arkansas.

Sunday, they got the news he was found dead in his cell.

“That was all the information they could give us at that time.”

That’s where the issue starts for her family, not knowing what happened brings up a lot of questions.

Their only source of information right now is articles on Google, learning that it could have been K2.

“How do you get drugs inside of a prison? To you know, just find someone unresponsive seems like you should have been checking on him more especially by him being in maximum security.”

The family wants the Arkansas Department of Correction to know they care. 

“He’s loved,” said Franklin. “He’s not just another inmate or just another victim of this situation.”

They say they won’t rest until he’s served justice.

Brittney also provided us with the following statement:

“I’m also speaking out for my aunt, Eddie Mae Charleston, due to the loss of Edward Morris. My aunt wants to know how her son got a hold to K2 in a maximum security cell. He is locked down for 23 hours a day and cannot have visits from the outside world. All she wants is for the Varner Unit to own up to their part and not treat him as another number. I’m praying for her strength and answers.”

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