Family of missing Bastrop woman still looking for answers.

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Tabitha Queens has been missing since May 9th, and it’s been almost thirty days of an agonizing search for the 29-year-old mother of three children from Bastrop. We spoke to her mother, Mary Lunford, who says she last spoke to her daughter on mother’s day.

“My daughter, she was a loving mother. She loved her family. I know she wouldn’t disappear. I know someone did something to her. She called me and said happy mother’s day,” says Lunford.

“ I heard a van in the background and asked her, who are you talking to and she was like, mom I got to go, I will call you back. I texted her and said if you don’t answer your phone, I’m gonna call the police,” she says. “And I called the police and said to them, my daughter is missing. And they said, ‘ how do you know she’s missing?’ I said because I’ve been calling her phone for three days. ” 

David Davis Jr. President of NAACP of Morehouse Parish, also made a statement in behalf of the community.

“We’re here and more citizens of the community to work hard together to make sure the police are doing their job and monitoring the streets making sure they are looking for this missing person sister Queen, were making sure we’re doing everything possible to get this done.” He says.

Tiffany Sutconlolli, a volunteer for the search, says she, as a mother, understands how important is the help of the community in this situation.

“As a community there should be way more people out here.” She says.

Mary Lunford says she has been getting people telling her where her where her daughter is and who shot her. Lunford refused to reveal the names of these people who may be involved in her daughter’s case.

“From what I’m hearing, they jumped my daughter. and then they shot her in the back of the head. So you all shot her in the back of the head, so where is her body? we need some peace. we need some closure here.” She says.

A GoFundMe page has also been set up for the family, $marylunford.

We did reach out to the Bastrop Police Department and they say they have no updates or a leads at the moment. For now, the family members of Tabitha Queens say they will continue to search every corner until they get answers. If you have any information you may call the Bastrop Police Department at (318) 281-1322 or go to our website

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