Fearless is the only word to describe 6-year-old JR Brown.
He’s recovering after escaping from his burning home Sunday night in Urania. 
A brave act that left him with severe burns and sent him to the hospital in Shreveport.

“I was just hysterical. When we got my dad out he was just unconscious. I couldn’t find my baby. It was like my life just flashed in front of me. I didn’t know if I was going to see either one of them again,” said Alisha Brown. 

This home has been in Alisha Brown’s family for decades. 
She said there was a small electrical fire in the back of the house last week, and Sunday night her kids saw signs of fire and it all came burning down.

“They just started screaming for us to come in there. My husband he got the kids out and tried to go in the room and the fire just pushed him back,” said Brown. 

The community is now stepping up to help them.
Dropping off donations at the Urania Town Hall. 

“People have already brought money, clothes and household items for them. I’m very proud of our community,” said Urania Mayor Terri Corley. 

The fire testing this family’s faith — coming a few years after the murder of Brown’s sister.  
As her parents face health issues and her son struggles to walk on his road to recovery. 

“We know that God is going to make a way as long as we have each other. As long as we have each other that’s all that matters,” said Brown. 

The Louisiana State Fire Marshal’s Office is working to learn the cause of the fire. The investigation is ongoing. 

Click HERE to support the family’s GoFundMe account. All donations can be dropped off at the Urania Town Hall during business hours. 

List of sizes as posted on the Jena Times Facebook page:
Alisha: 16-18 Womens, Size 9 Shoes
Josh: 32×32 Pants, Large Shirts, Size 9 ½ shoes
Jayden: 14-16 Juniors, Medium Shirts, Size 8 Shoes
JR.: 8 Boys, Size 3 Shoes
Jazzy: 8 Girls, Size 2 Shoes
JT.: 5 T, 11 Shoes
Robert: 38×34 or 36×34, Large Shirts, Size 10 Shoes
Renee: 22 Pants, 2X Shirts, Size 10 Shoes