Family of 13-year-old Bawcomville drowning victim speaks out

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BAWCOMVILLE, La. (4/17/19) Mary Ann Ramirez is crying out for her son 13-year-old Sebastian Martinez. 

“I just want my baby home,” said Ramirez.

Saturday, Ouachita Parish deputies say Martinez drowned in a drainage ditch in Bawcomville.
The second child Ramirez has lost. 

“It’s something that I can’t explain it’s like I’m here but I’m not here,” said Ramirez. 

>>> Click here for info on how to donate to Sebastian Martinez’s funeral costs

Sebastian’s family says he was always looking for his next adventure and loved being in the water. 

“[He was a] country boy, an outdoor boy that you’d see in the movies always outside. Anytime I came outside I knew I’d see him,” said family friend Christopher Duchesne. 

Ramirez says the day he drowned she told him to wait.

“He said ‘I am going to go swimming mama.’ I said no go in the house change your clothes and watch tv and when I get back I will go with you. He said ‘okay mama I promise’..,” said Ramirez while recalling their last conversation. 

But, she says a friend came and asked him to go outside. 
She says he was swimming in a ditch near their tralier park when a current came and washed him to the other side. She says if anybody is at fault it’s the City of West Monroe. 

“They should have been the one to make sure them ditches were clean. If them ditches were clean my baby wouldn’t have been trapped and my baby wouldn’t be gone,” said Ramirez. 

A makeshift memorial now marking the spot where he was found. His sister, Alexis Rios. staying strong for their mother and remembering her brother’s sweet smile as the two prepare for life without him. 

“We miss a part of our life you know. He was there for us and now we have to be strong for him,” said Rios. 

The visitiation will be open to the public until 9 p.m. at the Griffin Funeral Home. Martinez’s funeral will be held at the same location Thursday at 2 p.m. 

The Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office says the investigation is ongoing. 

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