ARCADIA, La. (03/19/19) – “I gotta remember him somehow”, said Kemothy Starks. Starks is getting a tattoo of his son, Kemothy Starks, Jr. inked on his forearm. 

This wasn’t the original plan, though. Starks says his son told him he wanted to treat him to a tattoo. 

“[He said] dad I’m going to pay for your tattoo so I’m coming in”, said Starks. 

The 21-year-old was shot and killed at The Rolex Lounge in Bernice. His dad now wears the necklace and watch his son had on when he was gunned down 

“These are the memories that I have of my son”, said Starks. 

He recalled the last time he heard his son alive, fighting for his life. Starks says he called his son’s phone after his wife gave him the shocking news. 

“I could hear him in the background like *mimicks heavy breathing noises*”, said Starks.

“You took something from my family that we could never get back”, said Starks, Jr’s big sister Kembreanna Starks
She remembered her younger brother with a smile.

“He thought he was my daddy. I promise you I had two fathers”, said Starks.

Police arrested 19-year-old Keayezimonde Haulcy for the crime. He’s being charged with second degree murder and attempted second degree murder. The Starks family says Haulcy and Kemothy used to be friends when the two were younger. 

“Right now I’m numb”, said Kembreanna.

“Kids don’t understand that it’s easy to pull a trigger but they don’t realize the consequence that comes behind it”, said Kemothy. 

Now a child has to grow up without their father. Kemothy Starks, Jr.  has a baby due in October. His family never thought this would be their reality. 

“Put the guns down. I don’t want this to happen to another family. I don’t want this to be someone else’s sister or brother”, said Kembreanna Starks

Kemothy’s life won’t be lost in vain. This tattoo will forever remind his family of all the lives he touched.