Family & loved ones say final farewell to Tequita Browhow

Local News

A daughter, a niece, a friend, an angel on earth. 

Saturday, family and friends said their final goodbyes to their “Shay”, Tequita MeShay Browhow.

“Oh my god it broke my heart, I can’t believe my baby gone,” said Lois Browhow. 

A sad feeling her former Target manager shares. 

“I am very sad, I love her much,” said Monica Mack.

The pain of Browhow’s death is still raw.

But, Lois Browhow tells us there is comfort knowing that her niece is in a better place.

“When god created Shay, he broke the mold because Shay is the type of person you don’t meet, she’s a needle in a haystack,” said Browhow.

Monroe Police said Browhow was stabbed to death, by her boyfriend Larry Shell Junior leaving her in the apartment they shared for three day. Something family said was the ultimate heartbreak.

“A piece of my heart left when she left,” said Browhow.

But Saturday was about celebration of a life gone too soon. One that will be cherished forever.

“We’re going to try to encourage one another with the laughter that we’ve had from Tequita and laugh about it, we’re going to overpower our sadness with some joy. I know she’s in heaven, walking around smiling,” said Browhow. 

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