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Family fights for missing service dog

WEST MONROE, La -- - Army veteran, Paul Jarrell has been seen a lot.

"17 years, three combat tours,  Afghanistan twice and Iraq once," Jarrell said.

After fighting for his country, he was faced with the challenge of life after war.

"Whenever I got home I was mad all the time just anger," he said.

"Even medicated it was always anger.

That was before a little dog, he calls Noodles, walked into his life.

A fresh start for him and his wife Hilary.

"We had a miscarriage last year and we got her right after our miscarriage and she's just been like a child to us," Hilary Wilds-Jarrell said.

Noodles, a member of the family for a year, keeps everyone in the family smiling.

"She spreads happiness wherever she goes and if you're in a dull mood she's going to say hey no this isn't the way to live," Jarrell said.

Saturday, June 24, 2017, the family was faced with some tough news from the Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office.

Noodles had another owner and now he wants her back.

"We were ready to go to court for our dog and since that had already been filed they were not able to take the dog and give him back to the original owner," Hilary Jarrell said.

Then the unthinkable happened.

Later on that same day, they believe someone came to their home and took matters into their own hands.

The Jarrell family says a man reached over the fence grabbed noodles and then ran to his vehicle and sped off almost hitting them on his way out

"We do have witnesses and our next door neighbor has cameras so hopefully they received footage from that," Hilary Jarrell said.

The Jarrells now devastated. A big piece of their family gone.

Now a civil lawsuit could turn into a criminal investigation, but all they want is for Noodles to come home.

"That's all we want..that's all we want his her back," Paul Jarrell said.

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