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Family disputing water bill which says they used 209,000 gallons in one month

ARKADELPHIA, Ark. (KARK) - (11/8/2018) The bills keep coming, and the cost keeps rising. That's what one Arkansas couple is telling our sister station KARK.

"That is way too much," Desiree Walker says while looking over new water bills. Walker and Earl Waddell are from the Clark county area.

They're raising two kids, living in a mobile home about 10 minutes from downtown Arkadelphia. But, lately, they've been fighting an upstream battle after getting a water bill of monsoon proportions.

"It said I used 209,000 thousand gallons in a month," Walker says. The amount due is creeping up on $1,000. "Like where's the water at?" Walker says. "The whole trailer park and stuff would be flooded up."

Desiree says the water company said there was a leak, but their landlord disputed that, and they were left sinking in debt. "It has been straight h-e-l-l," Walker says.

Clark County Country Water sent us the following statement regarding the issue:

"Clark County Country Water Facilities is a non-profit water facility which provides water services in rural Clark County. The Association is owned by its member-users. Earl Waddell has been a customer of the water association since July 2018. Mr. Waddell's service was disconnected for non-payment of services on October 12, 2018. The customer and landlord have acknowledged that they had a leak resulting in an extremely high usage. As is our custom, we offered to
work with the customer on a payment plan. On more than one instance, the customer agreed to a payment arrangement, but never made any payment. The Association eventually terminated the service. The customer has not made any payment at all on
their past due bill."

The water here has since been shut off. Desiree and Earl have resorted to paying for bottled water and visiting family to take showers and use the bathroom. "It's horrible," Walker says. "It will stress you out."

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