FALL AWARENESS WEEK: Ruston therapy center free screenings for elderly at risk of falling

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RUSTON, La (9/23/19) — Fyzical therapy and Balance Center specializes in balance treatment. This week is fall prevention awareness week in the U.S.

Fyzical therapy Ruston is offering a free screening test to determine if you are at risk of falling.

“For falls, an older adult falls every 11 seconds, every 11 seconds, so by the time this interview is done, 15-20 older adults have fallen and when they get to that ER, when they leave, they don’t know how to prevent a fall from happening next,” said Spencer Foster, Chief Marketing Director at Fyzical.

It takes a quick phone call to set up an appointment with the doctor.

“So in less than 15 minutes we do a free fall screen, we’ll put you through a few physical tests, but mainly it’s a questionnaire and we can determine then by how you do in those tests, if you’re susceptible to a fall,” said Foster.

The tests are simple and help the doctor see if there are any problems with the vestibular system which works to tell the brain how to move the body.

The first functional tests they do is called the sit to stand test. It is done by sitting and standing up from a chair without using your hands.

If an elderly person cannot stand up five times without using their arms under roughly 13 seconds, they are at risk of having a fall.

The free screening test runs from September 23rd to October 23rd at Fyzical Ruston.

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