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One moment, one ride and one little girl brought two families together at the Arklamiss Fair.

Five-year-old, Kennedy Caldwell, just wanted to ride the Tilt-A-Whirl but like a lot of rides at the fair she was too small to get on without an adult.

However, as she was turned away she ran to a complete stranger to see if she could ride with her and she said yes.

“I saw him turn her away and she walked straight towards me and said will you ride with me?” Heather Windham said.

“I almost cried because I never expected it,” Kennedy’s mother, Tiffany Caldwell, said.

They didn’t just ride once.

“I got talked into three times,” Windham said.

“Each time it was like they rode it for the first time and they both were happy you would think they had been knowing each other for the longest,” Caldwell said.

Both moms agree they wish more of these type of things happened every day.

“Just random acts of kindness you know the world needs more of it,” Windham said.

“That’s all we see on social media is negativity, race, violence you know that’s all we see so even though this is just a little thing this little thing has a big impact,” Caldwell said.

“Even if nobody says anything there’s automatically an assumed divide between the people,” Windham said.

A nice break from the issues that have caused division among citizens in America.

“Hate is a choice, acceptance is a choice, love is a choice happiness is a choice,” Windham said.

In Monroe, they made their own choice and a new friendship.

“I vibe with good people and because she did that for my daughter I mean who doesn’t want to be friends with somebody like that,” Caldwell said.

A little thing they hope sends a big message.

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