EXCLUSIVE: One-on-one interview with local COVID-19 patient

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WEST MONROE, La (04/09/20) — “It did come back, it did come back positive,” said Anthony Stewart, Pastor at New Life Revival Center. Anthony Stewart drove to Florida to move a friend in.

“That was on the 21st, which would’ve been on a Saturday and that Sunday flying home, I began to really feel the symptoms then,” said Stewart. He says on the plane, he started feeling hazy and weak.

“I was okay, like I thought I could get up and go to work the next day,” said Stewart. But after a sore throat that Monday, he decided to get tested. Stewart says they first test for the flu and if it’s negative they test for COVID-19.

“That Monday is when I really started feeling bad and started running a fever, my fever got up to 102.6. The chills were non-stop and then the fever just kept escalating. Started vomiting, and then diarrhea took place and this was just non-stop,” said Stewart.

He was told the COVID test comes back in 4-5 days. After the 6th day of no response, he got concerned. “Well finally my temperature got back up to 102.6 and then my breathing started getting bad,” said Stewart. He then decided to go to the hospital.

“Started–Started me on the rounds of antibiotics. When she took the chest X-ray, she found that I had pneumonia,” said Stewart. His test finally came back positive. Stewart says he spent 10 days at home fighting COVID-19 before even going to the hospital to get help. Now two weeks later, Stewart says he’s happy to finally go home.

“Praise God and the antibiotics because I’m on the up and up now,” said Stewart.

Anthony Stewart says his biggest concern after his test came back positive, is who was around him who could’ve possibly caught the virus. He says his family is showing no symptoms right now and he’ll remain in isolation a little longer at home just to be sure he’s virus free.

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