EXCLUSIVE: Former Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo speaks on MPD Excessive Force Case

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MONROE, La. (08/10/2020) — For months, Timothy Williams says he was beaten while being arrested on April 21st. He was jailed, then released on May 17th, but it wasn’t until he got out that he tried to report what happened to him to no avail.

“I’m told that he tried to do it a couple of times and it wasn’t until July the 6th that he was able to file that complaint,” said Former Mayor of Monroe, Jamie Mayo.

Mayo, who was the mayor at the time of this incident, says didn’t know anything about this.

“It wasn’t until July 6th that Chief Reggie Brown called me to indicate that there had been a situation that he viewed as excessive force.”

So the question many wanted answered is, how could this incident go by without anyone knowing anything?

“Appears to me that some of the police officers were involved in a cover-up. Once we found out about it, the investigation started during my administration,” said Mayo.

The former mayor says officer Jared Desadier, who you can see kicking Williams in the bodycam footage, was fired from the force back in 2017 after testing positive for drugs.

“I signed off on it, but unfortunately the civil service board overturned it, when they overturned it, then he was allowed to come back to work,” said the former mayor.

KTVE/KARD asked Mayor Friday Ellis if Mayo knew about this incident, he says, they’re still sorting through a timeline.

“Chief Brown has given a timeline to the new administration to Mayor Ellis, there’s no question about that. They know what the timeline is right now.”

Jamie Mayo

The former mayor believes all of the officers involved should be convicted because what they did, he says, is unbelievable.

Here is the full statement from Mayor Friday Ellis:

The City, through its pending internal affairs investigations, is working to establish a clear timeline concerning how Mr. Williams’ complaint was handled.”

Mayor Friday Ellis, City of Monroe

Senator Katrina Jackson also talking with KTVE/KARD saying the mayor is in fact aware of the timeline:

“I have also learned through briefings and speaking with Mayor Ellis, that by all accounts of this investigation and their knowledge of it, Mayor Mayo, nor the chief of police at the time, Chief Brown had any knowledge of this incident until July.”

Sen. Katrina Jackson

Once the investigation is complete, this case will head to District Attorney Steve Tew’s office for further investigation. He will decide whether criminal charges will be made.

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