UPDATE (11:00)– Four Louisiana State Troopers were taken into custody on Monday after an investigation into allegations of excessive force. NBC 10/FOX 14 found four separate cases in the last year-and-a-half that they are involved in.

One of these officers was involved in 3 excessive force cases since May of 2019. A second Louisiana State Trooper is involved in 2 of these cases. An attorney representing one of the victims is now speaking out.

“This is important because we are talking about human life here, humans who have died,” said Donecia Banks-Miley, Attorney for Aaron Bowman.

Louisiana State Troopers, Jacob Brown, Randall Dickerson, Dakota DeMoss, and George Harper were taken into custody and put on administrative leave for multiple cases that are being investigated due to excessive force

“I believe part of the problem with these troopers and officers that they can do what they wanna do and get away with it. However, citizens are held at a different standard,” said Banks-Miley.

30-year-old trooper Jacob Brown was first investigated in a case from May 2019 involving Aaron Bowman, a Ouachita Parish resident. Later, he was placed on administrative leave. However, 2 months later, according to reports from July 2019, Trooper Brown was involved in another excessive force case in Ouachita Parish. Finally, according to police reports, Brown was involved in another case on May of 2020.

“Trooper Brown was finally arrested after we filed the Aaron Bowman matter. I do believe that it shed light on the other incidents where he had been allowed to be reinstated and allowed to be back on the streets like nothing happened,” said Banks-Miley.

According to police reports, 28 year old Dekota DeMoss had an excessive force cases in May of 2019, when Ronald Greene died in police custody, and in May 2020 in Franklin Parish.

Investigators say, 34 year old Randall Dickerson was on duty with Trooper Brown on the excessive force case in July of 2019. In addition, Troopers DeMoss, Brown, and George Harper were all involved in the alleged excessive force case in Franklin Parish from may 2020.

Local attorney’s say they just want justice for their victims and for those involved to be held responsible.

“It’s not all troopers, it’s not all officers, we love those who are there to protect and serve. But these others have got to get out of there and they can not be reinstate,” said Banks-Miley.

Now these 4 officers have been charged with simple battery and malfeasance in office for the both cases from July 2019 and May 2020.

MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Four Louisiana State Troop F Troopers charged with Simple Battery and Malfeasance in Office.

According to Troopers, LSP Investigators have filed charges that stem from an extensive review of use of force encounters in the Monroe area. Troopers say these incidents happened in July of 2019 and May of 2020.

The troopers were identified as Dakota DeMoss, 28, George Harper, 26, Randall Dickerson, 34, and Jacob Brown, 30, all remain on administrative leave with all law enforcement property recovered pending the conclusion of the criminal and administrative investigations.

According to the investigators, the first incident happened in July of 2019 during a traffic stop on Interstate 20 in Ouachita Parish. Troopers say, during the traffic stop, they found what they believed to be narcotics in the car and placed the driver under arrest. Then, investigators say, once the driver was arrested the Troopers Brown and Dickerson engaged in “excessive and unjustifiable force” on the handcuffed driver, they turned off their body cameras, and recorded “untruthful statements” about the suspect resisting arrest. Investigators say, this incident resulted in the charges of Simple Battery and Malfeasance in Office for both Troopers.

Troopers say the second incident occurred in May of 2020, following a car chase in Franklin Parish.  During the chase officers say they used tire deflation devices to stop the car they were chasing and that’s when the driver got out of the car. Troopers Demoss, Harper, and Brown, according to investigators, used “excessive and unjustifiable force” during the handcuffing process as well as deactivating their body cameras. Investigators say, Brown also used false statements in his Use of Force Report and Arrest Report. Investigators included that he did not indicate or provide video evidence. Troopers say the incident resulted in charges of Simple Battery and Malfeasance in Office for all three Troopers with an additional charge of Obstruction of Justice for Brown.

LSP Detectives obtained arrest warrants for the four Troopers and placed them into custody without incident this afternoon.

“The unjustifiable use of force by our personnel is inexcusable and tarnishes the exemplary work of our dedicated men and women of the Department of Public Safety,” stated Colonel Lamar Davis, Louisiana State Police Superintendent.  “I commend our investigative team for their diligence and professionalism during this investigation. Our agency remains committed to upholding the public trust and providing professional, fair, and compassionate public safety services.”

Investigators say that no further information is available at this time pending the ongoing criminal and administrative investigations.