MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Last week the State of Louisiana was awarded $7.6 million for emergency housing vouchers.

The vouchers are used to help those that are homeless or in the risk of becoming homeless.

Home Coalition director Sarah Johnson says that there is a screening process for the vouchers and that they are very difficult to come by.

Sarah Johnson, Director of Home Coalition, says “Unfortunately we have a real small number here in northeast Louisiana, for example in Ouachita parish we only have 21, and they are earmarked specifically for people who are homeless who meet that definition of homeless. However if someone is homeless or facing homelessness they need to reach out for assistance. The vouchers may not be something that they are eligible for, but we have many other programs that may be able to help”

The Wellsprings Homeless service building is located at 400 Hart Street, and although it is rare for individuals to receive an emergency housing voucher other services are still available for those who need it.