Elderly woman found in Camden home with 30 dogs and unlivable conditions

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2018 September 27

A frightening situation, an elderly woman, knocking on death’s door

“She was skinny,” said the neighbor. “She looked in really bad shape. She was on the stretcher gasping for air.”

It wasn’t what she expected when she called police Wednesday afternoon.

“I heard the dogs barking in the house very loudly for about an hour and a half, two hours. they sounded like they were fighting.”

What investigators found was shocking.

A 76-year-old woman was sitting in her recliner covered in human and dog urine and feces.

Two dogs were dead and several others that were eating them.

They said they could have been there in those conditions for weeks.

A man and his elderly mom had only been in the home a few months.

The neighbor owns the home; it belonged to her late father.

She offered it to the man who said his mother was sick.

“They said they were living out of the car and in homeless shelters with his mom in such bad condition,” said the neighbor.

But she says she knew something just wasn’t right.

“Anytime anybody came to the door he’d put up a new sign that said don’t knock on the door. There is a disabled lady in there. call me, do not enter.”

Officials say the sight and smell were unbearable.

“I heard a woman screaming for help. she said she couldn’t breathe and she needed oxygen,” said Amber Wisinger, Animal Control Director. “We had to wear masks, and we had to take breaks because you couldn’t be in there for too long.”

Now, the pound is over capacity hoping to nurse the dogs to back to health and put them up for adoption while neighbors are still blowing away by the suspected case of elder abuse happening right in their backyard.

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