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El Dorado School District to offer free lunch and breakfast for K-6 students

EL DORADO, Ark. - 2018 July 11

Deneshia Norman says it takes a lot to feed a family.

She has four kids at home, and grocery bills can be a big one.

"I have three boys and a girl," she said.

But a recent decision by El Dorado schools will likely help parents like Deneshia.

In the fall, all students kindergarten through sixth, will get a  free breakfast and lunch.

"With having four or more in the school district, well even if you have two or three then that will help a whole lot," said Norman.

It's called the Community Eligibility  Program, and the district says the cost is minimal.

"Every school in the state, whenever you have students who eat you get reimbursed from the federal government for each meal, and so we hope that this will drive participation up," said Jim Tucker, Superintendent. "More people will eat, and so we'll get more reimbursement from the federal government that will help offset the cost of the program."

Most importantly, they will be able to focus more attention in the classroom. 

Studies show if you are hungry it's difficult to concentrate. 

"Meals are important to kids, and it's something they want, and they function a lot better, and they perform better when they have food in their system, and they have nutrients to provide energy, and they're able to pay attention," said Tucker.

This is something that Norman says she really appreciates about the school district.

She says decisions like this show  they are putting their children first and doing all they can to 

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