El Dorado School District student test try new playscape in downtown El Dorado

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2018 May 17

As kids, we all anticipated school field trips, ditching the books to have a day of fun was every child’s dream.

El Dorado School District students lived out that dream acting as testers for a new playscape in the heart of downtown El Dorado.

“I’m glad they built this in El Dorado, we’re the first kids to be here,” said Cameron Robinson, 4th Grade.

“Now since they’ve opened this up, you can do something without having to drive as far,” said Joseph Potts, 4th Grade.

Students filled the playscape made possible by the Murphy Arts District.

They were rewarded for excelling in reading.

With a splash pad and a fully equipped playground, the kids used one word to describe the fun, amazing.

Karen Langston was also in the crowd.

She runs a non-profit for foster families and children, so for her, this day meant so much more.

“For the families that I serve, many are parenting 7,8 9 children. This is huge,” she said.

The cost of the park is something everyone can enjoy, absolutely free.

“The children that we serve haven’t experienced a lot of joy,” said Langston. “They’ve not experienced a lot of what we would take for granted in childhood. Knowing that our community is opening this up for them so that the children can be children, that’s step one in them healing.”

And MAD says this is the largest playscape in Arkansas and the largest in a 300 miles radius.

They want all families to be able to enjoy it worry-free.

“We think we’ve covered the basics here so this will give kids a lot to do particularly with the water in the summer,” said Terry Stewart, Chairman, and CEO of El Dorado Festivals and Events. ” We’ll keep it open as long as we can and of course year around there will be the other part of the playscape they can use.”

For Karen, it’s another sign that El Dorado is moving in a new and positive direction.

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