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El Dorado man says he's homeless after homeowner dispute

EL DORADO, Ark. - 2018 October 12

Charles Townsend says getting no answer is normal these days, especially since October 9.

That was the day he says he was put out of his house on North College Avenue.

"Never had any trouble until then," said Townsend.

The person he has been so desperately trying to reach is a man he says claims his deceased mother is the sole owner of the property Townsend says he's been living in for over ten years.

"They just came and knocked on the door, and I was inside," he said. "They just walked in. He said he was taking back his property."

Townsend says he bought the home from Smith- White Investment Company in Hot Springs.

He showed KTVE the contract drawn up in 2007 that says he owed a payment of $298.53 each month.

"I thought everything was legit," said Townsend.

Now he's thinking otherwise because he was served an eviction notice signed by the claimed owner saying he had 60 days to vacate.

"It was a phony eviction. It hasn't been served. Today, I haven't been served."

He says now; he's left to find somewhere to lay his head and call home until he figures something out.

"It's been just a living hell for me," he said.

Until then, he says he will fight the matter until he feels proper justice is served.

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