El Dorado High School varsity basketball team goes to state championship

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Cheers filled Wildcat Arena as students and fans supported their varsity basketball team.

One by one each player’s name was called, and the fans went wild, and it was all because they have earned themselves a spot in the state championship.

“It’s a privilege, it’s an honor, and I’m just glad that they get the chance to get the recognition they deserve cause they’re outstanding athletes, and they have had a great season,” Principal, Alva Reibe said.

Coaches say many of the players have competed together for some time now, and they deserve nothing more than to play in the state championship.

“There’s a chemistry there,” Assistant Coach Chase Cantrell said. “Chemistry and basketball coaches have always said it’s worth at least 10 points a game. They have established that more over the course of this year. Especially over the last week.”

Player says this is something they have been anticipating and the support they are receiving gives them confidence.

“It feels pretty good to know that I have people that are in my hometown that will cheer me on a hope that I do good as I go further on into my career,” Senior, Daniel Gafford said.

“We’ve been waiting on this since like 9th grade ever since we got moved up to varsity,” said Senior Czar Perry.

As for the game plan…

“Just go get a ring, that’s it,” said Gafford.

“Just “D” up and beat them,” Perry said.

And most of all, remember your Wildcat pride.

“Gooooooooo Cats,” yelled Reibe.

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