El Dorado High School students receive perfect score on the ACT

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(04/30/19) Three students at the El Dorado High School have scored a perfect score on the ACT test this year, a first timer for the district.

“Students who have scored perfect scores are of course highly intelligent and have worked hard but they’ve also had instruction along the way that have helped them develop the content knowledge that they need,” Jennifer Murphy, Literacy Intstructional Facilitator said.

Andrew Longinotti, Scott Ratchford and Aidan Price are the men behind the brains. Each received the highest score anyone can make on the ACT which is a 36.

“Not in my wildest dream did I think I’d get that, even close to that,” Andrew Longinotti said.

Longinotti is a senior at the school. He first took the test after his freshman year. Then, he earned a 29. He took it twice after that and earned a composite score of 31 and 32.

Similar to Longinotti, Ratchford and Price also took the test four times before earning that perfect score. Ratchford and Price are juniors but all of them never expected to achieve such a score.

“It’s a really high score that’s the real reason I thought I wasn’t going to get  it,” Ratchford said.

The ACT is used to evaluate students readiness for college. Many refer to is as being the hardest and most intimdating test of anyone’s college career.

“It’s a pretty hard test,” Scott Ratchfield said. “You have to know exactly the strategies that it takes to get the score that you want.”

The teens each took extensive time outside of the classroom to excel on the exam, though, they all say it was the in-class assignments and academic culture at the school that truly helped them succeed.

“Here in El Dorado, it does feel like you’re in a competitive landscape and academia gives you a reason to push yourself forward and not just be complacent where you are,” Longinotti said.

Over 20 students at the high school have scored a 30 or the higher on the ACT this school year.

Here is a list of students:

Kenneth Alderson
Evan Brooks
Garrison Gauthier
Ethan Hammons
Derek Jobe
Victoria Lewis
Andrew Longinotti*
Cameron Lowery
Ben Parker
Nancy Perez
Gage Reed

Kendall Bonsall
Thomas Crawford
Akash Dod
Peyton Griffin
John Halstead
Camden Jones
Zander Jones
Aidan Price*
Scott Ratchford*
William Robbins
Lorin Utsch

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