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Dubach home destroyed; vandals leave feces behind

LINCOLN PARISH, La -- - A home once filled with great memories--now when the residents see it  they feel shock disappointment and sorrow.

A family house passed down for generations destroyed inside and out.

Neighbors can't believe it.

The damage inside this house is so bad you'd actually have to see it to believe it whoever did this it looks like they were taking it personal

Jason Reynolds has lived in this neighborhood all of his life and he's seen nothing like this before.

He says these suspects were on a mission.

"Just to be mean and hateful," he said.

Vandals destroyed almost every single room in the house.

When you walked in what was the worst thing that you saw in there? Probably the bedrooms

One of the bedrooms smeared with feces.

"When you have to go through and take a dump on all the walls and the beds and all that it's pretty nasty," Reynolds said.

The intruders caused damage that could cost up to $40,000 dollars to repair.

Reynolds and others have vowed to do what they can in their neighbor's time of need.

"I'm sorry for ya'll and if ya'll need any help I'll be there," 

A devastating surprise for the owners.

It's going to take a lot of hard work and money to start over and make this place feel like home again.

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