Driving through flooded streets can result in your license being suspended under new state law

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(8/8/18) It’s no secret that flooding is a problem in Louisiana. Those who cross the flood waters will now need to think twice thanks to a new law that recently passed.

Executive Officer Reggie Brown with the Monroe Police Department says, “If you have a home that is probably a foot from flooding and you have a vehicle traveling down that road at a high rate of speed, the wake from that flood could push 2 feet of water into the home causing severe damage.”

The new law punishes vehicles that decide to drive through flood waters. The penalty consists of 250 hours of community service and a 2-year license suspension.

Residents need to keep in mind that this law has been enacted now for about a week and with heavy rains in the forecast, you may want to think twice about crossing that flooded road.

Depending on the severity of the flooding event, it could be higher.

“The careless operation law that already exists covers this law in particular, and it’s kind of like a blanket type of law you can still use,” says Officer Brown.

The Monroe Police Department wants residents to know that they will be enforcing the law.

Brown says, “During any flood events, we’re going to be out helping people, checking on residents as well, and, you know, even if you have a home owner who videos a particular violation, that video can assist us.”

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