Drivers will now be ticketed if they go around cars to pickup their children

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(04/10/19) The Hamburg School District and Police Department are working together to strictly enforce an already existing rule.

“We just ask that our chief of police which is Tommy Oliver kind of help us monitor cars and speeding as well as passing on Jefferson street,” said Superintendent Tracy Streeter.

At the first of the year, school administrators give parents the route they’re supposed to take when they pick up their kids. Some parents and drivers don’t abide by those safety rules.

“It’s frustrating because it’s the safety of people’s children,” Whitney Rice said.

Rice has two children that attend schools where the pick-up lines are congested. Two weeks ago, she witnessed a car try to cut the line and almost hit two young children.

Jefferson Street is a two-way street. Many parents believe drivers are too impatient to wait in the line.

“Why take the risk of hurting someone else’s kids,” Krystle Brooks said.

NBC 10/Fox14 witnessed a driver getting caught in the act by local police. It’s a problem that has gone on for way too long and parents say enough is enough. 

“Saving time is not worth another child’s life,” Neil Harrington said.

Parents and administrators are encouraged to take the alternative routes around the school versus cutting in line through a very busy afternoon street. A driver will be ticketed $150 if caught cutting the line.

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