Drivers continue to ignore road closure signs on flooded road

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(05/03/19) The Dollar Junction Road leading into Felsenthal has been closed for weeks but drivers just aren’t adhering to the closure signs. Many attempts have been made to keep drivers off of the road but they have reportedly been moving the signs.

“They’ve been stolen,” Paula Oliver said.

Thursday morning, Union County Judge Mike Loftin instructed someone to place a concrete barrier along the road to block drivers from entering. Oliver says she still sees vehicle traffic on the street.

“We’re still getting traffic through here that are not taking his barriers serious and not taking the signs serious,” Oliver said.

She put up a sign Friday morning urging drivers to stay off the road. Just a mile from where the barricade sits, the bridge heading to Felsenthal is completely flooded.

“The water is over the bridge and over onto the other side of the bridge,” she said.

With the recent rain and still more to come, the water will continue to rise. There’s no way a vehicle can come down the road but many do try.

“Two motor cycles came down in here and one did not stop in time so he slid on into the water,” Oliver said. “It took him a long time to get his motorcycle back out and get it started because his motorcycle was under water.”

Drivers aren’t the only ones not following the rules. Residents are just as guilty. Oliver has seen kids playing and swimming in the water.

“It’s not a safe place for you to want your children to come out here and play,” she said.

The depth of the water is deceiving and Oliver just doesn’t want to see anyone get hurt.

“I’m very concerned about us losing loss of life from just being curious,” Oliver said.

There are multiple ways to get to Fesenthal rather than taking the Dollar Junction Road. If you’re GPS takes you through that street, Oliver says to go back and go through Huttig. 

Officials say only residents who live on the road are cleared to go around the barricade. Roads will continue to be closed until the water recedes.

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