UPDATE [8/8/2016 7:30 p.m.]

A body shop for cars and motorcycles is now the scene of a deadly crime.

The Richland Parish Sheriff said Savannah Thorton and Dale Keen were found shot and killed at the “Williams Paint and Body Shop” in Mangham early Sunday evening.

“This is a place where the gentleman works on motorcycles all the time,” Richland Parish Sheriff Gary Gilley said. “When the people got there to check on it they discovered in the camper trailer, which had an open door, they discovered a body laying there.”

Gilley says Keen worked at the business and lived in a trailer on the property.

At this time, authorities are working to find a suspect and a motive.

“We do not have a particular suspect at this time, we have a lot of people that we consider a person of interest and we are investigating around the clock on this,” Gilley added.

He said authorities are investigating whether this crime is drug-related.

“This was a multi-agency investigation concerning narcotics at this location,” Gilley said. “It was a joint investigation by the Richland Parish Sheriff’s Office, Metro Narcotics and the DEA.”

Sheriff Gilley said even the smallest communities can be impacted by drugs.

“The drugs are something that just affects about every other household and it’s coming into our communities and we’re fighting it everyday to stop it,” he said.

If you have any information about this incident, please contact the Richland Parish Sheriff’s Office at (318) 728-2071.


Richland Parish Sheriffs Office is investigating a double homicide that happened at the Williams Paint and Body Shop off of Highway 132 in Mangham.

A call was placed early yesterday evening from a man who came into the shop and saw one of the bodies of the victims.

Dale Wyatt Keen and Savannah Thornton were found dead as a result of gunshot wounds.

Richland Parish Sheriffs Office are investigated this as a double homicide.

They aren’t releasing the names of any potential suspects but suspect it could be drug related.

Keen had been the subject of a multi-agency investigation for narcotic violations in Louisiana.