UPDATE (01/27/2020) — It was a mantra that could be heard over airwaves every day, “walk by faith and not by sight, make your next move, your best move.” Those words were spoken by DJ Star a legend who held his throne on 100.1 The Beat Lunch Mix.

“It ain’t feel real, I woke up this morning and it still felt like a dream.”

Jonathan Commings, DJ Star’s Mentee

However, on Sunday tragedy hit as news of the DJ’s passing took over social media. Star was killed in a traffic accident leaving behind family, friends and a community.

“He made everybody feel like a star, he made everybody feel important, he gave local artists hope,” said Star’s mentee Jonathan Commings.

He was more than just a DJ that rode in the car with you every day, he was a father, friend, a colleague. Commings also known by the stage name Main Main, called star a mentor and says it was more than just about music.

DJ Star

“It was never about him. It was always about Louisiana as a whole. You don’t see people with that status, that humble,” said Commings.

Star strived to make every room he touched better.

“He come in the room, everybody laughing. Everybody smiling. You can’t be sad around him. If you sad around him, you need some type of help.”

Jonathan Commings “Main Main”

Star always gave this piece of advice before leaving the air every night.

“Before I go though, my shoutout goes to my three little ones…Daddy love y’all. Like I teach you each and every day, without you there would be no me. Keep God first in your life and everything will be alright. Walk by faith and not by sight, make your next move, your best move. I am gone!”

DJ Star’s legendary sign off

The Radio People are not filling DJ Star’s time slot at this time.

If you want to celebrate the life and legacy of DJ Star there will be a vigil on Thursday night at 6 p.m. at the Monroe Civic Center in front of the water fountain.


MONROE, La. (1/26/2020) — The Radio People have confirmed that 100.1 The Beat, DJ Star died Sunday.

Video from Star’s social media shows he was hosting in Dallas Saturday night. At this time it is unclear how the DJ died.

DJ Star was on the air during the day Monday- Friday. Several people paid their respects on Star’s social media pages.

We will continue to update you as we learn more.