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DELTA, La. (6/7/19)– With a population of no more than 250 people, it’s safe to say that Delta is small. But make no mistake–this tiny town is making major moves when it comes to resident safety.

The Property Insurance Association of Louisiana recently surveyed the town, and bumped it from a Class 6 to a Class 4 for fire protection.

  “We looked at the old ratings, saw where the shortfalls were. It was in training, personnel, and equipment. So, we got with the firemen and told them all we had to do and they made it happen,” said Sam Kennedy, chief of Delta’s fire department.

Ratings are from one to ten. One being the best, ten being the worst.

Chief Kennedy says Delta was at a Class 6 for years.

The new class 4 rating–the best Delta has ever seen. Chief Kennedy says his department got there with disciplined training.

  “We implemented a good training for the department. We go to Tallulah, the Tallulah fire department and train with them. LSU comes out and we have hose classes,” said Kennedy.

Delta’s fire protection class improvement means locals will save some change. Property insurance rates are expected drop five to eight percent annually for residents.

  “Oh I love it! Anytime I can save a dollar, it helps out. Insurance companies see us as we’re reliable and if something catches fire, our fire department is very dependable at getting it done,” said Delta resident Danny Odom.

Odom was Delta’s first ever fire chief. He says he’s proud of how far the department has come.

  “We started out with nothing, we got a donated fire truck in 1948. I’m just proud of Sam and all that he’s doing and what he’s done,” said Odom.

Delta’s new fire protection rating goes into effect July 8. 

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