JONESBORO, La. (KTVE/KARD) — As Christian Holland reflects on her dad, 51-year-old Thomas Holland, she thinks about an outdoor enthusiast who loved storms. She says he was ready for Hurricane Laura’s arrival.

“He was hyped, he was yeah this is going to be a good one,” she said.

However, Thursday’s hurricane brought on a new meaning for Holland. It was the last day her dad would live. 

“At 8:43 she called him on his phone and she answered, the tree had already fallen on him. At 8:45 she called the paramedics, and by 8:55 when they got in there to him, he was dead,” said Holland.

Thomas was a people person who loved his family, from his grandson to the grandson who has yet to arrive. While Holland is in pain, she recognizes her father no longer is. Holland says her dad suffered from several health issues. Thomas’s departure from this world, Holland believes is one that was sent from above.

“He was very into reading his bible and the scriptures and I know that he was happy to go home,” Holland said.

So while Holland works through the pain of her father’s death, she finds peace knowing he left this world not suffering from the ailments that plagued his life on Earth.

“He probably went out the number one way he would have chosen, he went out in a hurricane, that’s cool.”