Dancy Stays Strong in Fight Against Lymphoma

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Jaqwis Dancy is your typical college football player. A running back for the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs fighting for some coveted playing time, but this fall the 19 year old from Junction City had to endure a completely different fight.

Jaqwis Dancy said, “I had found, like I saw a lump under my arm. I ain’t say nothing at first for like a week or two, and then it started getting bigger and bigger. So I finally went to our trainer.”

Dancy took the advice of his trainer and went to the doctor. It was there he got the news. Dancy was diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

When you hear the word cancer what’s going through your mind?

Dancy said, “Everything just went blank, and then I broke down. Soon as I heard the word, that’s when like I really broke down because like I was scared. I ain’t know what was going on.”

Faced with the toughest news of his life Dancy had two options: Accept his fate, or fight.

Dancy said, “I try to keep a positive mindset, like I don’t try to think about it too much or whatever. I’ll just keep going and moving like I was before.”

It’s a fight Dancy is winning.

Dancy said, “The lump that I found under my arm like, within the first session it was almost completely gone. So they was like, I’m taking it well.

And now the goal is returning to his brothers on the field.

Dancy said, “The more days go by, and the more treatments, I know it’s getting closer and closer for me to get on the field so, that’s really helping me too, just to keep fighting. I already know we’re going to cry. I going to be very emotional, but in a happy way.”

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