Damon Nailer joined us on Louisiana Living today to talk about his book and CD release.

Nailer is an author, a motivational speaker, and a music producer.

Nailer wrote his book “Revelation Rightly Revealed” to help put in the book of Revelation in layman’s terms.

Revelation Rightly Revealed is a Non-Fiction book that analyzes the book of Revelation in the Bible giving it a clear understanding by breaking it down into 14 different sections.

Triple Threat is a CD Nailer produced that is comprised of 16 tracks of inspirational, positive, and Christian hip hop.

If you are interested in either “Revelation Rightly Revealed” or “Triple Threat”, you can find them at Blessings Bookstore on June 11 at 2:00 p.m.

Damon Nailer will be there to meet and sign books.

For more information visit www.daril.org or click here to visit Damon’s Facebook.