Customer Claims Restaurant Receipt Called Her Fat

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 Restaurants teach their servers to treat customers with nothing but respect.

But one customer at Casa Mexicana in Sherwood claims she got the exact opposite.

“I turned to him and I said, ‘Oh my god, did you see this?,'” said Rebecca Rummerfield.

She and her boyfriend frequent Casa Mexicana about three times a week.

The servers know them by name.

“So there was no reason to have anything like that on the receipt,” Rummerfield said.

Instead of seeing their names on the check Thursday night, they saw something unfamiliar.

“I noticed on the line where it said customer for our tab, it said, ‘X Gordo,’ which means extra fat in Spanish,” Rummerfield said. “It really hurt my feelings because I have a thyroid disease and I used to be extremely skinny. But my weight is out of my control right now. I take medication for it.”

Rummerfield immediately confronted the restaurant’s manager.

“He said it was someone else’s tab,” she said.

KARK 4 News also spoke with the manager who did not want to go on camera, but told us the same thing.

He called the entire ordeal a misunderstanding, a joke meant for someone else.

But Rummerfield said she got a different answer from the bartender.

“I went back to the bar and said, ‘Well, why did we pay someone else’s tab? Can we get our correct tab?,'” Rummerfield said. “And that’s when the bartender proceeded to tell me that he did write that, and he did mean it in a derogatory fashion.”

Rummerfield is a bartender and server herself.

She said she treats her customers with the utmost respect and expects the same when she is the customer.

“I would never write anything regarding anyone’s looks, race, anything like that on their receipt,” Rummerfield continued. “I don’t think anyone should be treated like that.”

She went to Casa Mexicana expecting her usual service but left Thursday night never wanting to go back.

“It’s just hurtful that we spend so much money in there to be treated like this,” Rummerfield said.

The manager said he apoligized to her for the “X Gordo” comment and fired the bartender.

He said Rummerfield agreed to drop the issue if he did that.

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