Crossett woman attacked by three people says the torture seemed to last for hours

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2018 November 02

Elizabeth Hill says what happened to her Sunday morning; no one could ever imagine.

“We never hung out, we weren’t real close, but still, I mean, you don’t picture somebody doing this for the fun of it,” said Hill.

Wyatt Collins, Stephanie Rollow, and Christopher Washington are those somebodies.

Hill says they asked her for a ride to a friend’s, and naturally, she didn’t mind doing a good deed, but then, they took her down a road she was unfamiliar with, Ashley 16.

Hill says there wasn’t a house for miles.

“Chris started patting around his legs and said, ‘I think I lost something,’ and stopped the car, and when I stopped the car that’s when he leaned over into the driver’s side and started choking me and hitting me.”

It was the start of what seemed like hours of torture.

Hill says they dragged her out of the car and punched her repeatedly.

The only thing she knew to do was curl up in a ball.

“Justine got out and grabbed me by my feet and pulled my legs out so that I couldn’t curl up.”

Hill says they dragged her back into the car.

She says they never pulled her all the way in, so the car door kept smashing her legs as they drove.

As they continued down the road, she was blindfolded.

She could hear them talking about what they were going to do to get rid of her.

She says they talked about killing her or making her look like she overdosed.

“Finally, Seth said, ‘she doesn’t need a bullet. I’ll let you know when I hit 60, and you can throw her out.”

She hit the ground, and they fired two shots, hitting her in the arm.

She walked miles, without shoes and only a hoodie and shorts, before reaching any houses.

She says she knew if she stopped, she wouldn’t make it.  

“I just had to keep going until someone found me.”

Luckily, she found an off-duty officer who helped her when he heard her screaming.

Surviving, for her family.

She says the road to recovery will be long mentally and physically, but she warns that everyone should think twice before doing a good deed.

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