Crossett High School bathroom vandalism makes some parents fear for students’ safety

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“It’s absolutely insane to me,” said Danieceia Rinehart, mother of former Crossett High School student.

This is Danieceia Rinehart’s first time seeing a video that made its way around social media.

“It’s scary and these kids are dangerous, and something needs to happen,” she said.

The video shows the boy’s bathroom in Crossett High School covered in writing with words like, “God is dead, let Anarchy rise” and several Anarchy symbols and what appears to be satanic stars.

“With all the school shootings and all the crazy stuff going on, I think there should be an investigation, and the children that did this should be punished,” said Rinehart.

According to a Wednesday night Facebook post made by the school district, they said, “Law enforcement was notified, and an investigation began immediately.”

But for some parents that post didn’t bring any comfort.

“I don’t understand why this incident happened so early up in the day and we didn’t hear a thing about it until 10:00 last night, other than what the children were saying, and I feel like the parents need to be on the up and up about what’s going on with our children,” said Rosie Jones, Grandmother of Crossett High School student.

Even though Rinehart’s son is a former student of the school, she says it’s still important that they keep their children safe.

“It’s threatening and it’s scary because you don’t know what’s going to happen,” said Rinehart.” I’m sure that morning at sandy hooks, those kids didn’t think that that was going to happen that morning, and I just don’t want to see that happen in our hometown.

We reached out to the school district, and the superintendent referred us back to their Facebook post as their official statement.

Click here to read the statement.

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