Crawfish prices climb in the Arklamiss

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Crawfish season is well underway, but a recent hike in prices have some customers feeling the pinch. For some, Crawfish season can’t come soon enough Michelle Murphy of Coney Island Riverside says it’s something some of her regulars look forward to all year. One in particular comes in several times a week. 

“She saves all year long until crawfish season and she puts it in a little bank envelope and calls it her Crawfish fund,” Michelle Murphy said.

At the height of mudbug mania, a cold snap caused the crawfish to burrow deeper in the ground, making it harder for them to be caught. With the demand up, Crawfish fanatics are paying a lot more. 

“When it’s cold, they just sit there and they don’t hit the traps,” said Thomas Hardy, owner of Coney Island Riverside. “Even the bait in front of them they won’t move. They’re almost dormant.”

The prices for Crawfish are up at least a dollar from last year, but business owners believe that’s about to change and soon. For the time being, the increase in price hasn’t hurt business. 

“They’re addicted. I believe that if they were $10 per pound, people would still buy them,” Hardy said. 

Loyal customer and self proclaimed crawfish eating expert Jimmy Kinman says he still eats crawfish several times per week even after the higher price. 

“I probably done ate an 18 wheeler load. I eat about 15 pounds every time I come in,” Kinman said. “I have eaten up to 25 pounds, which is a little embarrassing but I have.”

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