Your first move after getting in a car wreck is critical, but your next move could save you a lot of time and effort.

“Insurance companies  have found that apps can provide a much easier way of doing an initial estimate on what the costs of damage can be from a car,” Loretta Worters with the Insurance Information Institute, said.  

“You think about the cost of salaries it could save millions of dollars,” Parts and Production Manager, Paul Rogers, said.

Now with the rise of these new apps, people are able to make their claims on the site of the crash.

“It’s a faster way it’s a more convenient way for them,” Worters said.

“I think it’s really a  great tool that people should start thinking about using.”

However, people are questioning if this quicker option is the best option. 

“They can’t see all the damage so the only way you’re going to know about all the damage is to take it to a shop and let them tear it down and find out what kind of damage is hidden,” Matt Parker, owner of Parker Auto Body Shop, in West Monroe said.

Car experts like Parker say it’s not what’s on the outside  but the damage underneath that worries them the most.

That’s why the say it’s important that you know that after a car wreck it’s all about how you take the pictures and who you bring those pictures to that can make the difference.

“They need to get several good angles and make sure those photographs are taken good and they’re very clear,” Parker said.

“That’s why you need to take it to a facility that has the equipment that has the proper training,” Rogers said. 

Like all new technology it has raised a lot of new questions.

The main one is this the best way for people to report their damage? Or could this quick fix be potentially dangerous in the long run?

This process is very important  due to the fact..this is damaged this is all curled in.

And if the right eyes aren’t on this hidden damage…

That could mean if this vehicle is ever rear ended again this rear body panel could wind up in the back seat.   

To ease the minds of drivers–some insurance companies and car shops are working together.

“Now insurance companies can also chat with auto-repair shops to talk about what the problems might be,” Worters said.

“This was the first video conference we just done this is a very new concept but it is a concept that most likely most insurance companies are going to go to,” Rogers said.   

While working together, they feel they can get customers  the best treatment possible.

“I go through step by step with my supplement with my technician and showed him everything that was needed any questions i was there the technician was there it was done,” Rogers said.

“We can do things faster and get the claims settle quicker,” Worters said.

They’re making sure for drivers, faster really does means better.

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