COVID-19 WEDDING: Local couple talks about how their big day is being impacted

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EROS, LA (4/25/20)– A bride’s big day is something she looks forward to and plans for months and COVID-19 was never suppose to be part of it. Many couples have postponed or even cancelled their weddings due to the virus, but for Justyn and Jessica they’ve decided to still have their wedding on may 9th. However, it may just look a little different than planned.

“We were going to have probably around 150 people and so now we still don’t know what’s going to happen because of the government and what they decided. So right now it’s just going to be for family,” said Jessica Peckmore, Bride-to-be.

Planning the wedding during a pandemic has been challenging for the two. However, they say they’re thankful they’ve not had to worry about a venue and other wedding cancellations. However, the changes they did make have been emotional.

“At first it was really sad because we had ordered all the invitations already. We decided to still send them out. We just put labels on them and said due to COVID-19 and like told them why they couldn’t come,” said Peckmore.

While family and friends cannot play a big role anymore, social distancing will have to.

“We really care about the people who would have been there, so the most loving thing we can do is ask them to stay away,” said Justyn Slawson, Groom-to-be.

Instead of focusing on the things they can’t control, the couple says they are trusting God through this process.

“I’m just finding comfort in that God knew that this was going to happen before we even started dating, I mean this has just been his plan, so i’m just resting in that,” said Peckmore.

Despite everything, the couple says the wedding bells will ring on may 9th no matter what, proving that love can overcome anything…including a world-wide pandemic.

“In the end nothing is certain and just thinking that we don’t know how long this thing could last. So, we figured we might as well just get married,” said Slawson.

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