Could you be driving a death trap: What could be hiding under the hood after a car crash

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(09/04/18) On one of the most difficult days of his life Monroe Mitchell hit another bump in the road. 

“I had a little fender bender up with my son in law in Tennessee, when my daughter passed away,” he said. 

Years earlier his wife had also been in a  wreck in their ford explorer.

“A man rear ended her and tore up the back end and the front end.”

When they called their insurance company they told them to take the truck to the dealership to get fixed, but little did they know that did more harm than good.

“I had to take it back three times to get the fender fixed. It would pop out and they’d put it back, then it’d pop out,” said Mitchell.

So they brought their car to Parker Collision Center and that’s when the Mitchell’s found out they were driving around in an unsafe vehicle for two years. 

There are many damages to this Ford Explorer and Parker says had this customer been in a more serious wreck, he could have gotten hurt really badly.

“It definitely would not have crashed the way it was designed to crash, because the web would have just broke loose, floor pan would have went in the back seat, I mean it was that bad,” said owner of Parker Collision Center, Brandon Parker. 

To the normal customer you would never know the difference, but Parker says there’s only 13% of body shops that train their workers and he is one of those shops.

“People might think it’s easy to fix a car, it’s not. It’s always changing, it’s always something to learn. We want you in a safe vehicle,” said Parker.

Ford policy states all parts used to fix any of there vehicles must be new, both Mitchell and Parker say that this wasn’t the case here. 

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